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"Using a paper-based system, the data being retrieved from sites was inconsistent in legibility and missed answers to the key, important questions. We had no way to understand who had previously tended to the plant or equipment, or what actions had been taken or assessments made"


“Water Industry Solutions was too big. It felt like we were drowning in paperwork and we didn't have the information that we needed to complete jobs.”

Berriedale Pipeline
Mark Steggall, Sure Constructions

“We saw some major benefits going paperless in relation to data capture and verification of excess material to go off site from one of our projects.”

K4 Assets
Ryan Young, Raw Worx

“I am really happy to be on the journey with Kontrol4 because I just need to look at my phone to see how my projects are tracking.”

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Travis Paxton, Skilltech (UASG)

“From the day we implemented the technology, we started seeing significant time savings from our workers in the field. I also believe that it helped us win business by demonstrating the efficient work practices we’d adopted.”

Skilltech Metering Services
Adam Farrugia, Wattrix Energy

“ has helped us win business because we’re able to respond to client requests rapidly and demonstrate that we’re a well organised outfit.”

Adam Farrugia Lg
Matt Jackman, Draper's Civil Contracting

“From a productivity point of view, it is a lot more efficient having an electronic system.”

Rachel Clark, Drop & Leave

“We are currently in England for a 6-month period and we wouldn’t be able to successfully manage our company from here without the Kontrol4 solution.”

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Tim Donnellan, Tidon Constructions

“As the managing director, it's great because I know that tasks won't get forgotten because they'll all assigned electronically. It's made project management much easier because I know everything's recorded in one place — no more paper notes and diaries.”


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