“Before working with Kontrol4, we wanted to prepare for growth and needed a system that would reduce the amount of moving parts on the administration side. We were working with a paper based system and all of the data capture and processing was getting out of hand with every new staff member we’d put onboard.”

We were recommended to meet with Kontrol4 from CCF QLD because they were confident we’d be a good match for them. After seeing the demo, I knew straight away that it could alleviate hours per week we spend in processing and storing forms. ”

So we signed up to the system and started by digitising our safety forms which made a big impact straight away. The added benefit was that it strengthened our risk management by allowing me to track our guys through the dashboards. ”

I am really happy to be on the journey with Kontrol4 because I just need to look at my phone to see how my projects are tracking. We have plans of ramping up the implementation and getting ISO certified in the next few months and am happy to know that I’m already on the right platform that will help get us there.”

Ryan Young
Managing Director
Raw Worx

Raw Worx V2 Orig