“Using the Kontrol4 solution, we are able to manage our Gippsland-based (in Victoria) business remotely from over 17,000km away in the UK! With the time difference currently at 10 hours, I can see all of my employee’s Pre-Start checks coming in through the system at 9pm (7am Australian time) and I see all of our crew checking in for their jobs at the start of their day. ”

When I start my day at 7am (5pm Australian time), I can see how our whole day has progressed. Each job has been checked in and out of, with check out notes from our employees as to the status of each job - whether I need to send the invoice; whether the job requires a second day that I can then schedule; or if the customer has paid by cash or cheque. I can then prepare any work for the following day, which will be ready for the crew when they start their morning. I can also enter the quote requests that come in through our phone line and set them as Tasks for my Managers to contact.”

We are currently over in England for a 6-month period and we wouldn’t be able to successfully manage our Company from here without the Kontrol4 solution.”

Rachel Clark
General Manager
Drop & Leave

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