Triple Certification "On Glass"

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• Use an efficient, Mobile Quality Management System
• Update company documentation dynamically
• Gain paperless Triple Certification (ISO9001, ISO 45001 & ISO14001)

Verma Mar 161907 Knowledge Base Mobile

Client Story

Verma Mar 161907 Knowledge Base Laptop


Record Keeping

Record and store CPARs and NCRs in your pocket

Hands-On Support

Our consulting team is experienced at getting your organisation ready for audit.


Ongoing support to ensure the system runs efficiently within your business.

Policies and Procedures

Store instructions relating to safety, environment, and work.

Organisation Chart

Display and update your company information dynamically.

Sales Analytics

Provide key insights into your sales pipelines allowing you to make informed decisions


Manage and classify your bids.


Manage client groups, track all communications with internal and external contacts.


Identify the status of your projects from anywhere, anytime

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