“We saw some major benefits going paperless in relation to data capture and verification of excess material to go off site from one of our projects. Within the contract, over $80,000 was claimable as a provision and verification of quantities via counts and truck dockets had to be provided and verified prior to any payment.”

Using the Kontrol4 mobile application, we set up a quick form template then took our truck drivers and foreman through a quick 5 minute lesson over the phone which allowed them to capture the required data from their smartphones as it happened. As a result of a simple 5 minute export from my PC at the end of the month, this information was collated into a simple Excel spreadsheet which allowed the total to be very quickly calculated against the provisional total and submitted for assessment. In addition to this, I was able to send through the individual “fill” forms which all had the verification within them that was required including load counts, quantity and photo capture of all of the signed truck dockets - as well as photos of site conditions at the tip site. Thanks to the Kontrol4 application, I was easily able to quantify and qualify 100% of the claimable items with very little use of my time.”

In the past, this may have meant collation of dockets, paper diaries, invoices (sometimes up to a month later), photos from various site cameras. and wasted time and effort. Often this process led to us missing such items or majority of these items. Kontrol4 helped me claim just over the full $80,000 without question any question from the client or consultant. There was very little time output for me because the guys did all the leg work for me from site.”

Mark Steggall
Project Manager
Sure Constructions

Sure Constructions