“We're a medium sized construction company and contacted Kontrol4 so we could transition operations to a paperless system. Our paper-based system was cumbersome and came with a lot of double handling which was having a serious impact on our efficiency.”

Since we implemented their mobility solution in late 2015, it has quickly become our central Mobile Quality Management System (MQMS) which we rely upon on a daily basis. Our guys receive their jobs of a morning, they fill out their OHS forms and have become more accountable because they know exactly what's required of them.”

As the managing director, it's great because I know that tasks won't get forgotten because they'll all assigned electronically. It's made project management much easier because I know everything's recorded in one place - no more paper notes and diaries. It's also helped us get on a pathway of continual improvement and we are working with Kontrol4 to achieve ISO 9001, AS/NZ4801, and ISO14001 certification.”

Tim Donnellan
Managing Director
Tidon Constructions

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