Release Date: 21st September 2015

Kontrol4, the maker of the Mobile Quality Management System (MQMS), helps Sure Constructions increase productivity by 30%.  

Mark Steggall (Director, Sure Constructions) states that, “they went the extra mile to ensure that the system met our needs. Their turnaround times for new features and requests was brilliant. They know civil, they know quality and their mobile applications technology prowess is second to none.”  The key areas that the company helped address related to timesheets, project visibility, forecasting, SWMS, and workflow.

The MQMS is a business tool run off standard smartphones that replaces 90%+ of business processes traditionally completed using paper.  This  includes forms, policies, procedure, quoting and much more. The system aids job scheduling with project coordinators being able to gain instantaneous snapshots of projects using Gant charts and GPS tracking to manage assets.

Kontrol4 are a strong exponent of the benefits of cloud technology with the benefits being able to access files anywhere and at anytime, while being able to visit sites remotely using web conferencing.

Of most importance, the system has also been shown to help companies create better customer experiences through the delivery of quality.  In fact, the system was used as a cornerstone by Land Engineering to achieve ISO certification in 4 months* which allowed them to gain 4 years of forward work.

About Sure Constructions:

Sure Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd is a privately owned Civil Engineering and Construction Company engaged in the project management and construction of infrastructure and land development works for private and government organisations in the South East Victorian Region. Visit for more details.

Contact: Mark Steggall (Project Manager), 0429 357 469