Vertical Matters is changing...

Vertical Matters is growing and changing. You might have known us as Vertical Matters but we’ve changed our name. From July 1st we changed our name to ‘Kontrol 4’. Whilst we’ve been providing the best cloud based mobility solutions to the building and construction industry for many years its times for us to update our branding to better reflect what we provide. 

Why are we changing our name?

Because like a lot of our clients, it was time to move on. We’ve outgrown our old branding and to reflect this we thought we’d change the brand to something that our company stands for ‘Kontrol’. We want you to gain control of your business and so we’ve changed our name to mean exactly that.

Rest assured, whilst our branding and name has changed, you’ll still find the same experienced team behind the scenes, and to find out more about our new look and branding head to our new website