The best job management systems are flexible, centralised, and provide real-time data to everyone on your team.

Unfortunately, many organisations are stuck using paper-based job management systems. These systems rely on laborious manual data entry and very rarely provide an up to date vision of how projects are tracking. Lacking this visibility across jobs affects an organisation’s capability to control and monitor progress, and makes future planning even more difficult.

While you may eventually get the data and updates back from out in the field, the time for this process to occur can result in a number of negative business outcomes. Organisations who don’t have a real-time view of jobs lack the ability to re-allocate resources as needed and often experience the following consequences:

- Reduced customer satisfaction, as you are not easily able to provide status updated when they are requested;

- Resources remain idle for longer than necessary, as they are not redeployed quickly; and,

- Project deadlines are not met due to a lack of visibility in effective forward planning.

What does an effective job management system look like?

From our experience helping organisations implement a paper-less job management system, you need a system which maximising the value it delivers to your organisation by:

- Providing real-time data;

- Allowing for scheduling to be easily updated, and for this information to be accessible across the team   as the changes occur;

- Incorporating geographical planning so that jobs can be allocated by location reducing travel time;

- Including forced work-flows so that all the information you need for compliance is accurately captured   and communicated to the relevant stakeholders; and,

- Streamlining data capture so that reporting and invoicing is quick and seamless

As of 2016 approximately two-thirds of the mobile workforce uses a smartphone. To take advantage of the acceptance and use of mobile devices by the majority of the field force, it’s clear a cloud-based job management system will add major efficiencies to paper-based organisations.

In response to the uptake of smartphones in the mobile workforce, the Vertical Matter’s team has developed a cloud-based job management system that allows you to capture all of the information whenever you need it to drive productive outcomes in your own organisation.

If you would value a conversation around how you can leverage a paper-less job management system in your own organisation, give us a call on 1300 99 67 67 or email, and we will be in touch to set-up a time to chat.