Our Mobile Quality Management System (MQMS) is a cloud-based solution which empowers your workforce and helps transport projects run more efficiently.

Meeting your regulatory obligations under NHVAS and CoR, it is delivered as a fully integrated management system - or as standalone modules - for Transport management.



  • Save time by completing forms using existing mobile devices
  • Manage assets onsite using GPS technology
  • Maintain quality standards when using external contrators
  • Communicate effectively with your team and clients
  • Helping you gain or maintain your QHSE, NHVAS and CoR requirements

Key Benefits:

  • Asset tracking using GPS
  • Remote anti-theft asset management
  • Digitised compliance forms
  • Manage Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue management
  • Manage transport projects
  • Manage work groups
  • Delegate tasks
  • Register jobs
  • Store and share files
  • Build up a knowledge base
  • Lodge timesheets
  • Synchronise calendars

Simplify and Reduce Your Server and IT Costs

Kontrol4 are Google Partners and can help you understand the benefits of sending your files and email systems up to the clouds.  You can save on costly IT infrastructure running costs, access your files from anywhere, and collaborate more effectively.

Our Process:

Through workshops, comprehensive gap analysis, training and a range of custom developed systems we work closely with business to deliver outstanding results. We liken this digital cloud revolution to nature - with 2015 representing a tipping point.

We have a technical team that is experienced at migrating your files and emails. 


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