Kontrol4 recognises that its greatest asset is the team of people who work for the company. This includes all sub-contractors. 

Kontrol4 places the highest emphasis on all of the OHS Act and Regulations, Codes of Practice and relevant standards binding and relevant to the work carried out by the workforce. We will ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

Kontrol4 management and employees shall at all times endeavour to complete all work in a safe manner where people are not at risk due to an unsafe working environment. To achieve this, it is the responsibility of management and employees to eliminate hazards and develop safe work methods.

Kontrol4 fully supports the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 2004. In doing so, all levels of management and employees are guided by the Act, Regulations and all the appropriate Codes of Practice in striving to achieve an accident free workplace.

Hazard Identification form will be submitted for all identified risks and control measures are applied to each hazard which then are shown to the team member who is assessing risks in the workplace. All the information related to hazards is stored in the MQMS. 
Risk Matrix can be accessed from the Knowledge Base Module.


  • All new and existing workers will be inducted through the safety guidelines developed specifically for our workplaces. Further emphasis will be put on training and education of employees by a needs basis on appropriate facets of work; 
  • We have agreed our consultation arrangements with our workers.  We encourage input from all our workers in issues relating to work health and safety through our Consultation Process;
  • All levels of management must be innovative and give leadership in introducing Health & Safety Policies and Programs which contribute to the safety of workers, authorised and unauthorised visitors, sub-contractors and their employees;
  • In the unfortunate event that an accident or near accident does take place, the Company shall undertake a full inquiry to determine the causes and potential causes as reported by the appointed Rehabilitation Co-ordinator and the Safety Committee (if applicable). The company will then endeavour to make changes to it’s procedures to eliminate or minimise the risk of a repeat accident;
  • We will ensure that all our operations undertake full compliance with all the relevant statutory authorities and codes of practice;
  • We will provide safety advice and training to assist Managers and all employees to undertake their roles in a safe and responsible manner;
  • We will ensure that risk assessments are embedded in all processes and procedures to enable a safe work environment;
  • We will actively participate and be willing to give feedback and speak up on safety

To achieve the above goal, Kontrol4 will:

  • Seek the co-operation of all managers and employees, sub-contractors in developing a safety culture;
  • Aim for a zero loss time injury (LTI) accident rate;
  • Comply with safe work practices, with the intent of avoiding injury to ourselves and others and damage to plant and equipment;
  • Thorough and timely investigation of incidents with corrective actions implemented to prevent re-occurrence
  • Ensure that all legislative requirements and industry standards are adhered to.
  • Implement corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence of incidents and to eliminate or control hazards once identified and investigated.
  • Support and develop the Health and Safety system by providing resources and encouraging employee participation and ownership.
  • Promote continuous improvement of the Health and Safety system throughout the business.
  • Report the findings of incidents in the Management Review.
  • Ensure that all measures are being implemented to control and eliminate all work related injuries and illnesses. 

Kontrol4 employees will:

  • Adhere to Kontrol4' Health and Safety procedures and policy,
  • Fully support Kontrol4' Safety Committee objectives and implementations,
  • Take ownership in protecting their own health and safety and of others in the workplace with the aim of creating a safe working environment.
  • Report any incident or hazard to their supervisor.


Kontrol4 will continue to monitor and improve in all our roles and daily tasks, be it on the front line, a supporting role or a Management position. Our strategy to achieve our targets and vision will be done with continuous monitoring through Safety Committee outcomes, general observations and feedback, innovation, and strategic planning.

Kontrol4 is committed to continual evaluation and improvement of its Health and Safety system and policy. This policy is applicable to all Kontrol4 work sites and operations.

Kontrol4 is committed to comply with all legal requirements, OHS legislation and other regulations and to control and eliminate all work related injuries.