Kontrol4 is committed to environmental protection, and will manage its business so that all operational activities prevent any adverse effects on the environment.

Everyone at Kontrol4 is responsible for protecting the environment.

Kontrol4 is committed to:

  • Minimising the environmental impact of our operations
  • Create a healthier, safer workplace
  • Minimising the risk of accidental releases into the environment, reduce the impact of such releases should they occur, and monitor the discharge of all other wastes and emissions which may harm the environment.
  • Encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling in all our activities
  • Adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation, meeting and exceeding all relevant legislative requirements
  • Utilise cloud software to deliver on our Paperless target
  • Purchasing products that are environmentally friendly from suppliers who respect the environment
  • Ensuring our employees, subcontractors and suppliers adhere to our environmental policies
  • Ensuring also to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the community in which we operate, and in compliance with all relevant legislation and applicable requirements.
  • Participating with governments, customers, the public and other interest groups to advance environmental protection
  • Reporting regularly to our directors, shareholders, employees and the public on our environmental status and performance
  • Fostering a culture of sustainable environmental management
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of our clients by providing high quality performance on every project.
  • Ensure understanding of environmental requirements and implementation of standards among our employees, suppliers and contractors
  • Strive to improve resource consumption efficiency and minimise waste generation in our operations and through the life cycle of products 
  • Monitoring and reducing our energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, paper consumption (when there is not another option than to use paper), waste and water usage 
  • Purchase sustainable products wherever feasible ie. recycled, FSC or low environmental impact products and energy from renewable sources

This commitment will be met by:

  • Understanding how Kontrol4' processes and operations impact the environment 
  • Changing the way activities are performed whenever it is identified that the environment is being harmed
  • Ensuring that all employees and contractors understand what it is expected from them
  • Ensuring that all employees and subcontractors adhere to the relevant environmental requirements and they are also encouraged to report any breaches to management so that action can be taken.
  • Ensuring that all employees are educated, trained and inducted, where considered necessary, in environmental issues during the course of their employment.

Kontrol4 considers environmental management to be an integral and important element in the management responsibilities and will strive to continuously improve its performance in this regard.

The company is committed to review its environmental goals once a year.