“Throughout the last two years, dlcs international has worked on multiple ISO certification audits where the client has adopted a workforce mobility solution which has been supplied by the team at Kontrol4. Their Integrated Management System is a cloud-based application which stores all of the policies, procedures, and evidence required for my team to run their ISO audits. One of the advantages of using a digital framework is that it simplifies the controls of managing the data gathering process. If any updates are required, it is a straightforward process to re-edit the Integrated Management System (IMS) thanks to it being stored in a digital format.”

To date, every client using the Kontrol4 framework that dlcs international has audited has achieved certification which shows us that it adds genuine value to their business. Besides the ISO certification and continuous improvement via our audits, it helps field-based teams conduct operations without paper-based forms which I see as having a big impact on overall business productivity.”

Jeff Blutman
Commercial Director
dlcs international

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